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Sunday, December 22, 2002

La Verdad (The Truth) Venezuela

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A Chara,
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Brojees, an Irishman living in Venezuela. This is my home. My political affiliation is left leaning, specifically the Sinn Feín.
I am concerned now as Venezuela goes through a very dangerous time that information concerning my adopted land be accurate. Of course I cannot eliminate my personal bias from what I post here, but I do believe that my left leaning tendencies should balance the picture considerably.
Venezuela is currently undergoing what we hope and pray to be a nearly bloodless overthrow of a madman who was democratically elected twice to the office of President. While I cannot yet vote here, (less than one more year to qualify for citizenship), none the less I supported this man.
But now I actually pity the man, because it has become quite obvious the pressures of the office have overcome him and he has gone mad. This is not an issue of Left, Right nor Center, this is an issue of a madman in the drivers seat, irrationally fighting to stay there, supported by those who have very personal agendas to advance that have little to do with the well being of the nation.
It frightens me and upsets me when I see people who shockingly I share many political ideologies with, trivializing this man's madness to advance their particular partisan agenda. Please take the time to research carefully who you choose to support and do not blindly follow someone whom you think shares your ideology.

Dear Mr. Brojees
I'd love to hear some comments about what President Chavez is doing that is so hated?
Can you enlighten us?
Also, why did the people change their minds so fast after reversing the coup in April? (Presuming they did change their minds about the reversal)

Mr Chavez has:
Actively advocated armed violent confrontation with his revolutionary rhetoric.
Actively encouraged class warfare by his incendiary speeches about the Oligarcos.
Actively discouraged meritocracy advancement within the armed forces and the state owned oil company.
Openly courted FARC revolutionaries in Colombia. (Our current Chavez appointed Minister of Mines and Energy is Lenin Ramirez, brother of Illych Ramirez, or Carlos the Jackal. Lenin Ramirez has no qualifications for the post other than loyalty to Chavez)
Consistently blocked investigations of the killings on April 11th.
My list can go on.

What is it with you people? Are you willing to defend this madman at all costs?
I am sitting here in Venezuela as well and this is pure SHYTE!!
Three unarmed people were gunned down by a card carrying member of Chavez's MVR Party. The same party that has spawned the Bolivarian Circles which encouraged their members to obtain weapons. I sat next to a Circle member for three months while he filled out his permits and called daily checking on progress. I heard him talking with corrupt officials to smooth the process through.
The gunman is on video with Fredi Bernal, close ally of Chavez who is himself on video firing a pistol during the April 11th riots.
I also have seen with my own eyes the relative strength of the various protests and the composition. There is overwhelming support to oust this madman.
I have friends who are Chavistas, I know first hand the bonus to go to Caracas and protest in favour of the government is Bs.50,000.00 plus transportation, food and lodging. (bs 50000.00 = +/- $30.00. A big sum here.
Damn it I don't care if he is a leftist, so am I!!
I care that he is crackers, loco, mad, crazy!!

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